Empowering women to fall in love with their forever and themselves

Helping you embrace the world of modern dating to find the one without losing yourself

At HeartAppeal, we’re redefining how women approach modern dating. Our team of certified relationship coaches and community of like-minded singles are here to support you on your modern dating journey to a long-lasting serious relationship that allows you to always be the best version of yourself.


Finding the one should feel fun and fulfilling, not frustrating.

Meet our founder and HeartAppeal lead relationship coach

Hi, I’m Raghed!

I am passionate about change, clarity, self-awareness, mindfulness, women empowerment, and most importantly healthy relationships. I founded HeartAppeal after years of constantly giving my younger single sister and other single friends words of encouragement, advice, and even introductions to potential partners. Through my experience as a certified relationship coach and my academic background in philosophy, I recognized that so many of the relationships young women pursue are based on what they’re exposed to from their family, culture, or even society, and not necessarily from their own relationship requirements and needs. My passion for empowering young women to step out into the modern dating world with confidence, clarity, and a sense of community is at the core of HeartAppeal.

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Get to Know Me

Certified relationship coach with 100+ hours of training

My favorite hobbies: Cooking and traveling (I’ve lived on three different continents!)

Many people don’t know that: Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer

My family life: I’m happily married with three beautiful daughters, and I have five brothers and sisters

Fun fact: I’ve helped create more than 100 dating profiles

My favorite quote: “Pleasure of love lasts but a moment. Pain of love lasts a lifetime.”

- Jean Pierre Claris De Florian

10 lessons I’ve learned about dating


Behaviors are easier to learn than unlearn.


Many of the mindsets/beliefs/
attitudes singles hold on to result from their culture, families, and even societal expectations.


Single women need a sense of community and a support system that is non-biased and non-judgmental. 


Society never stops to ask women about their life visions, what they want in a partner, or if they even want a partner, leading to mindless swiping instead of intentional dating.


People often don’t stop to learn from past relationships.


There is so much emphasis on finding the one instead of finding the one for you.


Everyone emphasizes the importance of love, but love alone isn’t enough.


Many people, especially women, are feeling hopeless, overwhelmed, and frustrated with modern dating and swipe culture.


People often default to blaming others for their own relationship habits or failures but do not address the role they play in the choices and habits that led them there.


Most don’t like to be told what to do. Making a lasting behavioral change needs to come from self-realization.

Meet the Team

Meet Maya Darghali, Maya is a young woman who is passionate about helping women who are struggling mentally.

As a young multiracial woman who grew up in the rise of social media, Maya has seen how dramatically generation Z has struggled due to the change in dating patterns that encourages young women to take part in the hook up trends, be dishonest, and unauthentic. As a young woman who grew up exposed to different cultures and observing the language used surrounding women and what women should be, deal with, and settle for in a partner has led Maya to Heart Appeal. Maya wants to inspire women to be honest, authentic, and true to themselves. Maya wants to help women improve their self esteem and let go of limiting beliefs. Maya is a multiracial class president, authored a number of articles on mental health, and a cheerleader.   

Maya Darghali

Co Founder

Chidima Anusiem


Chidima Anusiem, an Atlanta, GA native, is a Divorce Recovery coach, Women’s Empowerment speaker, and Best-selling author of From Glass to Stone.

Dating after divorce or break-up can be super scary, frustrating, and many have no clue where to start. Chidima has worked with and empowered thousands of women to heal from the pain of their past and move into healthy and fulfilling relationships. Using her 20 years of coaching experience, Chidima will help you overcome the negative beliefs about yourself, your relationships, and guide you in creating a plan of action to move forward. She is passionate about assisting you to position your heart to love and receive love again. It’s time to step out of fear and into faith — the love of your life is waiting for you! 


Meet Haneen Alrabadi, Haneen is dedicated to her leadership roles with an emphasis on the impact of social media on young women and how they pursue relationships. Growing up with an exposure to multi cultural beliefs and attitudes, Haneen understands the pressure a young woman can feel in simply envisioning life. She envisions living her life to the fullest based on her own standards. While she appreciates some of the values she's gained from the exposure to different cultures, she is confident that some social norms and beliefs are not suitable for the life she wants to lead. Haneen is passionate about helping other young women seek the life and relationships they desire to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Haneen has won statewide awards on Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention through the Directing Change Organization.

Haneen Alrabadi


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