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In a modern dating world filled with filters and swipes, we help you find YOUR right match while being              YOU.

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Building meaningful connections
Breaking unhealthy dating patterns
Finding a serious relationship
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Overcoming dating anxiety
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You want a life-long love, not dating that lasts a lifetime. That’s where we come in.

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A                                 of others who also agree that the modern dating struggle is real. Build connections and get free advice from our experts to find love that lasts (while commiserating about the journey along the way). 

Relationship advice for women from online dating coaches who know what it takes to win hearts forever, not just a swipe right. Enjoy one-on-one private sessions with HeartAppeal’s certified relationship coaches to find that serious relationship you’ve always wanted.

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"Working with Raghed opened my eyes to so much about relationships. I got clarity on what I want in a relationship and the role my partner will play in my vision for my life. I now know what to look for in a partner, how to communicate with my partner, and how to stay authentic and true to myself." - Amy C. 

"Self love is the best gift you can give yourself and that is exactly what I got from working with the Heart Appeal coaches. I now have self confidence and self worth to set boundaries while making meaningful connections." -Kelsey M.

"Before joining the Heart Appeal community and working with the coaches, I felt so lonely and isolated in the dating journey. Being a part of this community, I feel supported and encouraged in pursuing the right relationship for ME. I feel grateful to this community for being in a great relationship now. I found the information helpful while dating and I find it helpful now in my relationship." - J.T

Hi, I’m Raghed!

And I’m on a mission to reimagine our approach to modern dating. We’re empowering single women one date at a time to recognize their nonnegotiables, build their self-confidence, and mindfully navigate the stages of dating to find a serious relationship that’s forever, and not just for now. Through our free community and our paid coaching membership, you’ll work through the good, the bad, and the seriously ugly caveats of finding “the one” in a world where hook-up culture, apps, and seemingly endless numbers of dating profiles are the norm.

No tricks, just tips on the HeartAppeal blog

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as shortcuts when you’re searching for your forever. However, our relationship coaches certainly know how to get you there faster! Learn tips to create meaningful relationships, survive the stages of dating, avoid relationship red flags, and more in our latest blog posts written by our experts.

Are you ready to date more mindfully and find a serious relationship? 

Tired of mindlessly swiping on dating apps? Us too! We’re all in this together, weathering the storm of modern dating. But now, it’s time to embark on an unforgettable journey and find a serious relationship you ultimately deserve. 
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