Finding the love of your life can be lonely. With HeartAppeal, you’re never alone.  

Get expert advice from a certified relationship coach and ongoing support from a powerful community of single women

No one said it’s easy, but with the right support system and tools, the journey to finding the one is more than worth it. At HeartAppeal, we’re firm believers in the expression “it takes a village,” because it really does take a group of people in your corner to get you through the challenges of modern dating, mindless swiping habits, and toxic hook-up culture. That’s why we offer a variety of programs to get you to the other side. As much as we love when you join, we’re even more excited when you don’t need us anymore!

Here’s our journey to take you through your journey.

More about our HeartAppeal relationship coaching membership


We start by determining your:

Relationship goals
Relationship readiness
Vision for your future


We create a dating plan by:

Defining your nonnegotiables and deal breakers
Creating relationship goals
Outlining aligned dating methods


We assist in creating a dating profile that will enable you to:

Show your true self
Attract the serious relationship you’re looking for


As you begin dating, your relationship coach helps you:

Define self-sabotaging behaviors

Work to move past negative or unhelpful beliefs and attitudes

Learn ways to say no or quickly move on from unhealthy relationships

Identify red flags in the early stages of dating

Are you ready to date more mindfully and find a serious relationship? 

Tired of mindlessly swiping on dating apps? Us too! We’re all in this together, weathering the storm of modern dating. But now, it’s time to embark on an unforgettable journey and find a serious relationship you ultimately deserve. 
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